Two Rivers, decisions, and a new place to park…

I will admit that certain big decisions somewhat stress me out (unless what I want and what is the smart thing to do happen to perfectly align themselves up together…How often does that happen? Haha!) I can analyze and over-analyze the pros and cons of the options before me until I just want a nap and to r u n n o f t with no decision made! I really hope when I grow up I overcome this tendency. Hahaha! Some improvement has been made in this area. If you’ve been reading this blog for very long you’ve likely seen some of the progress. I’ve learned that napping instead of making the decision leaves me stuck in a rut not moving toward anything. I’ve also learned that only a few decisions in life will actually cause any permanent damage. However, I still struggle with some decisions. Any of my friends can likely attest to this facet of my personality. I faced one such decision last week…(my sincerest apologies to those of you who had to listen to my multiple deliberations.)

Where shall the tin can and I park? I’ve recently made a few changes to my schedule, and the longer drive to my current location just doesn’t seem practical any more. Therefore I decided to return to the campground. Yay! I so enjoyed living there and determined that although the current spot saves some cash each month, the campground is more practical on daily basis. I also felt more at home and relaxed there. “So what’s the problem?” you are saying, right? Sounds great! Not so fast…now enters the dilemma. The same day the campground notifies me they have a vacancy (a lovely parking spot by the way) a friend also informs me that hookups can be installed on their property. Oh dear…what to do? The location is not particularly my favorite, and at first I really couldn’t picture myself feeling at home there. However, after mulling it over I came to realize it is actually very convenient to the majority of my weekly activities. The property itself is pretty, and I will have good neighbors. I will continue to save some cash and still live in a more practical location. Overall, option #2 weighs in as the smart decision. Now with the decision made, I feel really good about it. However, calling to cancel the hold at the campground was a little tough to do. Letting go of what I want for the moment to sacrifice a little for bigger goals is definitely not always easy. This is one of those times. What I initially wanted and what I decided is best for me weren’t one and the same. Have you faced decisions like that? I am sure you have. However, I’ve really come to realize that with the big picture in focus this move will definitely fit best with my longer term goals. I’m all on board now and ready to take the tin can to her next home in the next couple of weeks. 

Do you have a particular place or activity which helps to clear your mind and allows you think more clearly? When contemplating the above options I needed to retreat to one of my favorites here, Two Rivers Park with camera in hand. A long walk before sunset, a little focus on something besides the decision at hand, and some fresh air in the outdoors all worked together to calm the stress and let my thoughts flow in a more orderly fashion. I hope you enjoy some of the shots from a lovely evening. Even the photos relax my thoughts. (Too bad I can’t figure out how to convince them to let me park the tin can here….:)




IMG_9252 IMG_9246 IMG_9240 IMG_9239

IMG_9235 IMG_9233 IMG_9226IMG_9220IMG_9208IMG_9194IMG_9185 IMG_9225


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