Polishing…what have I done?

I cannot tell you how many times on Monday I thought, “What did I get myself into?” Who needs a gym when you own an old TinCan? At least by the time this is all over, I will have arms like Popeye and sharp looking TinCan!

What kind of polish am I working with? I decided to go with the Bright Works Polish. I ordered direct from their website in only the Red and White polishes to start with. Red is the coarsest of the three levels of BrightWorks Polish. White is the medium grit. Blue is for finishing. Will I ever even make it to Blue? It’s definitely questionable. However, so far I am sold on this product. There is less messy black dust coating me when I finish, and a little of this polish goes a long way. So far I highly recommend it. I also recommend the polishing pads available from Vintage Trailer Supply. I had ordered them in the past and was thoroughly happy with the quality so I went ahead and went with them again. I recommend having at least 5 pads on hand to work with. If you have any fewer than that, you will not be able to work long before having to stop and wash the pads. I have 6 to work with. Usually by the time they are all needing to be cleaned I am also quite ready to stop as well. Unfortunately, I then have to clean the pads! It took some time working through the day to realize I was using too much polish and too slow a speed on my trusty Makita. Once I got the combination of polish amount (very small amount at a time) and polisher speed the progress moved at a faster pace. Still…I only have a small amount of progress made as of now, but I do think it is looking better. Enjoy the photo galleries of my current progress below. Feel free to ask any questions. I am still learning how the polishing works best for me, but I am always happy to share whatever I have learned.

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