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Positivity-It’s all about perspective…

It’s all about perspective…

Overall my daily commute to and from work is an interesting and mostly pretty drive. However, not all of the drive is so attractive. In fact, some of it is downright ugly. One recent morning as I drove to the office, I was reminded of how important it is to focus on the good parts of our lives. Sometimes we look at other people’s photos and at their lives as we see them, thinking they have it so much better than we do. Social media can fuel this as it is simple to crop and edit showing only the pretty parts. What if we train ourselves to look for and focus on the positive parts of our own lives? Maybe, just maybe, we will like the life we live better.

I’m sure you know people who always seem to see the good and find joy no matter what they are going through. Maybe this describes you. However, I bet you also know people who are never happy, despite having seemingly better circumstances than the aforementioned people. What makes the difference? It is all about perspective…

The way we see things has a way of shaping our thoughts and outlook. Do we look for and focus on the good in our surroundings and others, or are we always critical and negative? The way we train ourselves to see can help us have better relationships, enjoy travel more, live a simpler life, and be more flexible and content. We can more readily adjust to imperfections in ourselves, others and our circumstances when we focus on the positive. Guess what. It is all around us. Sometimes we just have to look a little harder to find it. The more we train ourselves to focus on it, the quicker we will be to spot the good.

Take the following photos as an illustration. These are all photos of the things I see on a typical day. Starting as I leave my house…
Flowers by the pond.

Seagulls wait for breakfast from the leftovers off the oyster husking line. I enjoy seeing them congregate here every morning. Should I point out that when I stopped to take the photo this place smells bad, really bad? Or do you need me to point out that there is an ugly tractor and dumpsters in the background? Not really. I’m sure you can see them. I do. Nevertheless, focus on the birds and how happy they are to have this morning feast. 
I also love seeing these old boats each day. Yes, some are old and rusty in these photos. However, I love watching them be restored for continued use. They will look as good as new soon. Then others will come to take their places here in line for restoration.

One day I want to stop and visit with the workers to learn more about what they do. I think these guys know something about seeing the good where others sometimes miss it. It’s not far off from those of us who love to see an old airstream restored, or a vintage car put back on the road.

I enjoy watching the fisherman put their boats in at the public boat ramp under the bridge in the early morning. However, if you look the other direction from the boat ramp, you get to see a not so lovely pipeline.
Right now the roadside is covered with a variety of wild flowers.

Here’s a quick test for you. Which focus would you choose looking at the next two photos?

Here is another one with 3 photos:

Do you see how focus makes a difference not just in photography, but also in the way we view our surroundings?

Some people may not think this place is all that beautiful, and in comparison to other places, it honestly is not the most beautiful. However, the sunrises and sunsets are magnificent. Additionally, the birds and flowers that call this area home are lovely. I can watch pelicans fishing in the bay on my drive home each day, and simply put…palm trees make me smile.

Many of you probably share my love for old Airstreams. You see a diamond in the rough there too. So I think most of you will understand where I’m coming from when I say, “I guess it’s all about perspective”…

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