Rainy day photos…

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During a brief break in the rainstorms a couple of days ago I took a few minutes to walk around the campground and snap a few rainy day photos. The late afternoon sunlight breaking through the clouds for a few moments enhanced the green of the new spring grass and the moss on the trees. The rainwater was still clinging to the plants and flowing much more than normal in the creek. I hope you enjoy some of the shots I captured before the clouds rolled back in for round two. (Talk about thunderstorms shaking a tin can. Hahaha! Actually it wasn’t that bad, but it is a good thing I can usually sleep pretty soundly. The rain can be loud. There were a few moments where it felt a little like the paparazzi were taking my picture through the vista view windows with all the lightning. What? You didn’t know the paparazzi follow me around? Okay…so obviously they don’t. It would be more likely to be the squirrels trying to take some blackmail photos for more Cheerios. Too bad for them I’m really very boring, but good for them I’m a sucker and will continue feeding them even without the blackmail.)


2014-03-28 17.06.02 HDR-1 2014-03-28 17.09.50-1 2014-03-28 17.10.55-1 2014-03-28 17.11.22-1 2014-03-28 17.13.55 HDR-1





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