“Rowdy Kittens”…one of my favorite blogs

Sometimes we all need to recharge our creative and motivational batteries so to speak. There are a number of things I find do this for me. One of them is reading the stories of others who are focused on living a simple life and pursuing their passions – be it writing, art, photography, etc.

A blog I have become quite a fan of lately is RowdyKittens-go small, think big & be happy. I stumbled onto Tammy’s site one evening while browsing the web for sites about tiny and simple living. The look of her blog immediately caught my eye, so I stopped to stay for a while. I’ve been following her site ever since, and it has quickly become one of my favorites.

Tammy doesn’t live in an Airstream, but she lives in a tiny house. She writes about her tiny home, simplifying, writing, and photography. She also writes about finding the courage to do what she enjoys as her day job. I have read her book Smalltopia: A Practical Guide to Working for Yourself. It offers tips for starting a small business, and Tammy shares her story along with the stories contributed by several other small business owners. The book was a great $7 dollar investment for me and helped motivate me to move forward with my own small business venture.

There are several other books and e-courses also available on her site. I hope to read them soon and take her photography class. She has quite a talent behind the lens as you will see in her gallery and blog posts. I recommend following her on Instagram as her photographs are lovely. The “Morning view” and “Evening view” shots provide simple reminders to stop and savor the moment from time to time.


Tammy’s Tiny House…See what I mean about her photography?


Do you have any blogs that inspire and motivate your creative energy? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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