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By February 22, 2015Airstream, Interior

I just realized that I never actually finished this post I started ages ago (At least I don’t think I did! Lol!) So for those of you curious about what I ever decided to do for my shower wall…here is the answer. I love the look of glass tiles, but a 31′ with a rear bath does not need the added weight. I thought about substituting smart tiles which are basically similar to a wall paper but provide the look of tiles. I ordered samples of those, but couldn’t ever make up my mind on which style I liked best. (By the way, the samples looked great. I would still consider them as an option in RV decorating projects.) The Smart Tiles are not cheap so I looked at some other options too. After much debate, I finally decided on using faux antique ceiling tiles found at Home Depot back in the Kitchen cabinetry section. They are generally for use as a kitchen back-splash, but they are working great on the wall of my shower.

shower tile install-10

First note: Do not use this glue! I used it on the last of the tiles to go up. Not very long after, I had to re-glue that panel with the good stuff. None of the other panels have had any issues. I thought it would be easier than the glue below since it didn’t need a caulking gun. Easier is not the correct option here. I’m only sharing it as a warning that it does not work for this particular job.

shower tile install-9

Use this glue or one one on the same level as it. This one works great and has held the tiles to the wall for over a year now with no problem. 
shower tile install-8

This shot is of the re-glue, and yes I was lazy and did not bother to remove all of the cheap glue. So far it hasn’t shown to be a problem. All tiles are still firmly attached to the wall. 
shower tile install-10

Finished wall! It has held up well and looks great without adding any weight to the rear of the TinCan. I’m very happy with it!

shower tile install-6

Watch out! It’s a crazy lady with a caulking gun loaded with glue! 

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