Simple Maxi Skirt…sewing is possible in a tin can

As mentioned in a previous post, several weeks back I sold my trusty Babylock serger on e-Bay. Before I let the serger go, I took advantage of its excellence yet one last time to make a few maxi skirts from this super simple tutorial I found on Pinterest. I’m very happy with how they turned out and may have to make some more (still have my sewing machine…it’s smaller and more versatile than the serger.) I bought the fabric on sale and I think each skirt came to around $12.00 to $14.00 or less. Yay!

This was a new experience-sewing in the tin can. I had made curtains before, but I did the cut out and some of the construction at my sister’s house. This was the first time to complete an entire sewing project in the Airstream. The stove and kitchen counter became my cutting space with the help of my cardboard foldable cutting table. Stuff was everywhere! It’s funny to think that I used to have an entire room devoted to sewing and crafts. Now a quick project takes over the house. Guess what…I enjoyed it just as much or more. It was just one more affirmation that simplifying doesn’t mean you have to give up things you enjoy.

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