Sketches of Spain

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Sketches of Spain
Sketches of Spain-one of my favorite parts of this vacation.

Recovering from an awful stomach bug for that past few days and thinking back to the days in Spain. Spending time sketching was one of my favorite parts of this trip. Therefore, it is absolutely fitting that I share with you a collection of my sketches of Spain. I absolutely love that on this vacation we took the time to slow down a bit and just enjoy being there. Most nights I actually wrote or sketched in the journal I took with me. In fact, some of the posts you’ve seen here came from what I wrote in it.

So many times we rush, rush, rush to see everything we can while forgetting to stop and savor the experience and immerse ourselves in it. This trip we took the time to do just that. Many mornings we started the day with a cup of coffee, a pastry or bread with the best orange marmalade, and some time for sketching. Some days we ended in a similar fashion. Albeit with a glass of wine, bread and olive oil for the evening version. Taking this time was incredibly relaxing and seemed to cement scenes, places, and even feelings from our visit in my mind. I can still taste the foods, smell the smells and picture the views in my mind. I don’t think I will ever be able to forget them. Why would I ever want to?

Sketching each day also gave me and my sister some of our favorite souvenirs. Add to those some cherished time spent with family as we gathered around the table together, and I proclaim it a win. Of course, not all of us sketched; my brother-in-law unfortunately still had to work while we were there. However, he could do so from his computer right there with us. Still a win, I must say. These were beautiful moments we will all remember. This time spent made the vacation feel like a rich, full experience instead of a mad rush to cross things off a list.


Sketches of SpainSketches of Spain

If you enjoy these sketches, you may enjoy checking out #momentcatchers on Instagram. Moment catchers is a collection of travel sketches from people all over the world started by @candacerardon.

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