Slunky hose supports and X-chock wheel lock stabilizers…

I’ve learned a couple of things and had to purchase a couple of RV accessories since the move to the new place. The first immediate purchase was a Slunky hose support. The new sewer connection is slightly uphill from the tin can’s dump valve. Not a very pleasant thing so I wanted to change that incline as quickly as I possibly could. I opted to purchase the twenty-foot long support even though right now I don’t really need it for quite that distance. (You don’t have to extend it fully for the support to work, and I figured it might be nice to have the length later.) The drainage after the adjustment in hose elevation seems be working better. Each time I deal with that stinky hose and sewer connection the composting toilet idea sounds better. Of course, I’d still have a sewer connection for the gray water, but somehow I don’t think that would be quite as troublesome to cope with. Quick side note: Did you know a little Borax (water softener) and a little Dawn detergent poured into the holding tank helps alleviate odors and keep the tank emptying more thoroughly? I can’t yet verify the results on emptying the tank, but it definitely helped the odor. It is much cheaper and even smells better than the commercially available tank chemicals. I found this suggestion on an RV forum…so far, so good. I’ll try to remember to revisit my thoughts on this method of odor control after more time has passed.  Next I ordered a set of X-Chock wheel locks for added stabilization. I seem to feel a little more movement to the tin can at the new site. Perhaps this is due to be balanced higher on leveling blocks than at the previous location. Whatever the reason I decided to quit procrastinating and invest in a pair of better wheel chocks. The X-Chocks install between the tandem tires and extend to exert pressure against both tires. This limits movement and adds greater to stability to the parked RV. They are simple to install and are doing their job well. In my opinion they are well worth the money I spent. ( I found a set on the Amazon outlet site for about $30 less than elsewhere. Yay! E-bay seems to be a pretty good place to pick up a set at a reasonable price also.) slunky

Slunky hose support system in action!

slunkyhoselift xchockforwheels

X-Chocks…easy to install and really helped minimize the amount of movement felt inside the tin can. Hopefully these will also keep her steady on her leveling blocks.


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