Small Space Items…6 things I find helpful to have around the TinCan.

Small space items-deck boxes

Of course, small space living is all about having less, and I definitely don’t recommend going out to buy all the latest gadgets. However, there are a few items I have used over the past year which work very well in the TinCan. I thought it might be helpful to share a list of some of the small space items I particularly like, and why I like them.

First on the list is an induction burner. There are a number of different ones on the market. I settled on this one from Amazon due to price and reviews. I love that it doesn’t heat up the space around it while cooking, unlike the propane stove in the TinCan does. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love my gas stove. However, when temps start to warm up outdoors this appliance allows me to continue cooking without fighting with the air conditioner’s efforts to keep this place comfortable. As an added plus, it can even be used outside.Small space items-Induction CooktopSecond is my Dyson Hot & Cool Fan/Heater combo. This one was a splurge. Although I did get a fantastic deal on it at Lowes on Black Friday weekend. If you keep your eyes open, you can find one on sale. Sometimes Amazon has a refurbished unit available at a discount. I love that this unit operates as both a heater and a fan. Living in South Texas it is common to need both features on the same day in the winter. The unit looks great in my space, is easy to clean, and puts out an amazing amount of circulation for its size. I have not regretted this splurge.
Small space items-Dyson fan heater
Thirdly, I really enjoy having plants even though my space is small. When I first moved into the TinCan I didn’t include many plants in my decor. I was afraid they might be too much in the space. However, over time I have added more plants. Rather than making the space feel cluttered, I find they make the space feel comfortable and even more like a home. Adding small plants allows me to have a little more variety of plant types. I found these great magnetic air-plant containers at Lowes.Small space items-air plantMy sister gave me this small orchid. I also have some regular size orchids and other plants as well, but these small ones are great additions without taking up much space. Small space items-orchid
Fourthly, I recently invested in a couple of new deck boxes. These allow me to store items like my inflatable kayak, tools for cleaning and maintaining the TinCan, outdoor chair cushions, and even the Toaster Oven which I usually use outdoors anyway. I found a great deal on these at the local Sam’s Club.
Small space items-deck boxesSmall space items-deck boxesWith deck boxes in place there is less clutter inside the TinCan. Small space items-Airstream Interior Fifth is my toaster oven. I have a larger version of a toaster oven made by Kitchenaide. This is an appliance I had before I ever moved in to the TinCan. I thought about letting it go to save space since I also have a gas oven that works great. However, this small appliance is fantastic to have when the outside temps start to rise. I can plug this beauty in outside, bake to my hearts content and not raise the inside TinCan temperature a single degree. Since I live where the summers can be brutal and keeping the inside of  the TinCan cool is a constant struggle, this is a huge plus.
Small space items-Toaster ovenSmall space items-Toaster Oven Lastly, is this folding step ladder I found at Marshall’s. I’m not tall, and there aren’t many things I cannot reach without help in the TinCan. When I need to reach those few things, this little gadget does the job perfectly.  Small space items-folding step ladderIt is a super stable little step ladder, and it folds up perfectly flat for storage. Perfect for a small space.Small space items-folding step ladder

Do you have any small space items that make living in a small space more comfortable for you? Please share in the comments.

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