A cat in a tin can…a small space litter box solution.

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Now for a topic that does not come up every day…litter boxes in a tin can. Why must I discuss this? They are messy, and dusty, and annoying to have around even in full sized house. Do I have to have one in my tiny space? Unfortunately yes. I have a Siamese cat living with me. She is obnoxious and bossy but at times cuddly. I don’t believe in shirking my responsibility to care for her simply because I changed my living accommodations and feel it a little inconvenient. There may be other legitimate reasons why a person may have to give up a pet, but for me this isn’t one of them. That being said, I was not in the least bit excited about moving her in. I could just see it…Cat hair everywhere, litter and litter dust everywhere. Yuck!-Especially the litter part. Where was I going to fit her bulky ugly cat box?

First, I decided I wasn’t going to fit that big dome box anywhere. A smaller box must be found! In pursuit of said solution, I headed over to the local PetsMart where I stumbled on a new type of box and litter set up from Tidy Cat’s called Breeze. It uses a pellet type litter in a box with a grated bottom. A tray with an absorbent pad (think of a puppy training pad) slides into place below the grate. Urine is collected via the pad, and solid waste is scooped and disposed of from the upper tray. Intrigued but apprehensive I pulled up the store website to read the product reviews. 4.5 stars-very few negatives and a lot of positives. Most people seemed to love theirs. (Cost for the pellets and pads seemed to be the biggest drawback, especially for anyone who owned multiple cats. The pellets last for approximately one month and the pads for around a week.) The sales clerk said customers seemed really happy with it, and I could return it if I didn’t. Seriously? Put it in the cart!

litterbox 001

My thoughts after having the box for a few months now: This is the easiest to clean and least messy of any cat box I have ever had. The best part? NO DUST AND NO TRACKING OF LITTER throughout the house…both of which are HUGE pluses when living in a tiny space. With these pluses, I don’t mind if it costs slightly more than traditional litter. It did take my cat a couple of days to come around to the new litter, but she has no problem with it now. I’m sure it would have helped to try the suggested method on the Tidy Cat website. I made her switch cold turkey. Oops! Unfortunately, the only place I have found to put the box is sitting in the floor of my shower. However, it is out of the way most of the time and easy enough to move when I use the shower.


The cat adjusted to Airstream living instantly. She loves the sun when it comes through the vista view windows and the blast of heat that comes out the furnace vents. The new cat box system made the transition much better for both of us. I really think the litter and dust tracked everywhere may have pushed me to my limits of tolerance. This is a great small space litter box solution that allows me and the cat to live together in peace.

Her favorite spot in front of the furnace vent!

Her favorite spot in front of the furnace vent!

If you live in a tiny space and are a cat parent like me, you may just love this litter box. Just think, I am impressed enough to write an entire blog post about it. Hahaha! (or does this simply mean I’m really a dork? Hmmm…)


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