Snowbirds…and not the kind who move South in the winter.

I warned you more snow photos were on the way. (Hey…at least I didn’t explode them all into one ridiculously long post.) If you haven’t already noticed…snow really makes me camera happy. (along with flowers, sunsets, beaches, rivers, lakes…but I digress). My neighbor has a feeder and bird bath in her yard so there are always a number of birds hanging around. I was able to catch a few photos of them in snow.

IMG_9503The robins look so cute with their feathers all puffed out for insulation.


Cardinals are always one of my favorites.


IMG_9535Anybody know what kind of bird this is? He posed for me perfectly.



IMG_9548Wow! Seven photos in a row without the TinCan…


2015-03-05 07.23.06

What? You knew the streak wouldn’t last, right? Okay…now I’ve had some snow photos for the year. I’m ready for spring!


  • Todd says:

    That little bird is a White Throated Sparrow! We’ll be seeing them soon up here! Can’t wait!!

  • Michael Vallen says:

    Nice photos of the elusive Cardinal! I never seem to be able to catch them as they are so fleeting and quick. Where are you anyhow? I’m in Maryland @dcmdb on instagram. I’m enjoying your blog too 🙂

    • aunt am says:

      Thanks. Those little guys are hard to capture on film, and I find the females even harder to catch. I’m in Arkansas. I love your feed on Instagram the photos of the snow at your place the last couple of days are absolutely beautiful! I especially loved that video of the Airstreams in the snow. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. Thanks for reading it. 🙂

  • Pretty snow pictures, but come on Spring! I never want to see snow again.

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