Spain, Spain, Spain…fund raising efforts include an Etsy Shop Sale!

By May 10, 2017May 14th, 2017Acrylics, Art, Photography

Did I forget to tell you guys? I’m going to Spain! Oh, and I’m having an Etsy Shop Sale! I’m going to Spain!

I’m finally to the excited stage about the trip. So much has been going on in life lately that I’ve been slow to get there. However, now that inventory is complete at work, and the new a/c is installed in the TinCan, I’m ready. (Another post about the new a/c to follow soon.) The air-conditioner has sapped the funds from my account leaving a very tight budget for the actual travel part of this trip. Thankfully, I snagged an incredible deal on the flight earlier this year or the trip wouldn’t be happening at all. So the flight is all arranged and everything is a go.

Now for a travel budget fund raising event: A Sale in My ETSY Suhop! Now through May 14th save 25% on all purchases over $36.00. Simply enter the code SPAIN2017 to receive the discount. I will try to add some more inventory over the next couple of days too, time permitting. Check back on the weekend if you don’t see what you want today.

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