How did you spend yet another icy day this winter?

Has this been a crazy winter, or what? Here in Arkansas we have had a ridiculously long and extremely cold winter. The daffodils that are normally in bloom by now are still nowhere to be seen. Instead the ground is covered with yet another layer of sleet with a low temp forecast for tonight of 14 degrees. Did I move further north when I moved into the tin can? Hahaha! This year even I am ready for spring.

However, I did put my time to good use, and the little woodland critters were happy to have me at home for the day. How did you spend the icy day if you were at home? I hope you stayed warm, cozy and safe, and perhaps enjoyed the break from the normal hectic pace of life. That’s how I like to view snow/ice days.

Cheerio Cardinal

I didn’t have any birdseed so I tossed out some Cheerios.

Cheerio Squirrel

All of the little critters seemed to like them fine.

Tin Can in the Snow

Finished another painting…This one is from a photo of the tin can in the snow taken earlier this winter.

Too bad there are other RV’s in the actual photograph. She looks pretty all alone.

Zoom in on Tin Can

Zoom in on the tin can detail.

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