Spring fever…My mind is exploding with Airstream projects!

By March 8, 2014 Airstream, Full-timing, Repairs

Is anyone else as ready for spring as I am? I’m not sure I remember ever being this ready in years past. It must be the fact that even here in Arkansas we have had a long and very cold winter. I know I will regret wishing for spring once it is past and summer is upon us, but at this moment the hint of spring in the air is amazing. I am even barefoot. Uh oh…don’t look at my toes.

2014-03-08 11.35.21

Ellie is loving the spring temps today as well…

The funny thing with yesterday’s faucet fiasco and fix is that the post I had in mind was all about projects. I’m glad the fresh air today is  invigorating my mind since I still have so much to do around here in the coming months. I’m working on my art for the Etsy Little Rock Indie Arts & Music Festival in April, working on my Spanish, and of course, working on the tin can. The main topic here today are the projects planned for the tin can.

Tin Can Project List (in no particular order):

  • Replace Ceiling Vent Fans with Fantastic Fans from Vintage Trailer Supply.
  • Upgrade to a composting toilet
  • Install Solar Panels
  • Polish the exterior
  • Build in storage under the front sofa.
  • Add doors to the storage under the rear sofa
  • Create a better desk space and home for the coffee pot. (At this moment I’m using a folding table-not very pretty but functional.)
  • Paint the refrigerator?
  • Finish out some trim work.
  • Remove the cabinet with stereo components above the front sofa and create a storage/charging station space.
  • Oh yeah one more…Rip open the belly pan to inspect and repair any rust on the frame. (Want to do this before I am comfortable enough to actually move her around too much.)

Yes. I have my work cut out for me. Time and money will dictate when and if these projects ever reach completion. Some are obviously more important that others. The very first project that must be completed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE is the ceiling fan replacement. I can tell already that they are vital to my sanity and comfort in the coming months. Both the fan in the front and the one in the back have seen better days. They survived through last summer when I was working on the tin can, but they have become very loud and the one in the front will not stay open. It might be possible to take them apart and attempt a repair. However, seeing the amount of work involved in that I’ve decided to go ahead and upgrade them. I do wish the new ones came with aluminum covers like the vintage ones have.

I could simply install the less expensive manual version of the Fantastic Fan, but I live where rain can spontaneously appear at any moment regardless of what the weatherman predicts. Therefore, I’ve decided on the deluxe version with the rain sensor in the custom gray Vintage Trailer Supply carries specifically for Airstreams. Of course, I would pick the most expensive ones. (Guess what! The price seems to be slighter lower than when I looked in the fall. Fantastic! Pun intended. You may laugh now. Hahaha!) If I am going to tackle this big project, I want to make it worth it. Now to save up the funds. At least my car will be paid off in one month! Yay! Can I repeat that? Only one more month of car payments! Yay! This will seriously help the project fund! Keep on the look out for future posts of the project in motion.

What spring fever projects are rolling around in your mind? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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