Spring is here and time for the TinCan to get her bath on!

I personally declare spring to be officially here. I have seen my first flower of the season. Trees are budding out all over town.


I didn’t say it was a pretty flower or that this is a good photo…just the first one this spring. Haha!

The rain simply will not cease. I love the rain, clouds and perfect temps. The humidity and mud that comes with it…not so much.


It is a river! A tiny, impromptu one in the ditch! Do you see how green the ground looks though? Spring!


Oh hello…time for the dehumidifier to go back to work!

I do have hopes the rain will pause, and in such hopes I have placed an order for supplies for the next TinCan project: Bath time!

On the way are: Simple Green Car Wash, Simple Green Lime Scale Remover, Streak Master Aluminum Cleaner & Brightner, a new water hose, a water connection splitter (so I can connect the TinCan and have a hose for exterior use connected), thread tape, and magic erasers.* I have not used the listed products except for magic erasers, but I’ve read some reviews and forums recommending them. I hope they live up to the reviews. The goal is to get this big TinCan clean and then to get her shiny. I will also be ordering Dicor Metal Roof coating for the top of the TinCan. I originally planned to polish the roof, but the aluminum doesn’t seem to be quite as strong or in as good of condition on the roof. It isn’t too bad, but it was not going to be easy to polish it. Then I saw this coating used on one of Hofmann Architecture’s Airstream renovations posted on Instagram by @airstreamrenovator (who by the way has a great feed on IG…if you don’t already follow him). The roof looked great, so I asked for more information. Thanks to the responses, I’ve decided it’s the route I’m going to go. It looks good, and they say it is relatively easy to apply. It seals the seams and rivets on the roof and is supposed to reflect off some the heat in the summer. Sounds like a good thing to me. Now for the rain to stop and let me clean, polish and paint. Woohoo! I’m excited and tired already from  just thinking about it. Maybe I will just make a big bowl of popcorn and rest a bit while the rain comes down. (My sister taught me how to make fresh popcorn on the stove. Why have I never done this before? It’s healthier and delicious.)


What projects do you have in mind for this spring? I’d love to hear about them.

*Affiliate links to Amazon.com for the above highlighted products. 


  • Robin M. says:

    We are grateful for the return of Spring so we to can start on projects for our 88 Excella. Hubby, who is retired, primed our badly yellowed End Caps last week and will paint them this week. After much thought, I went with Antique White which will blend in with the wallpaper on our ceilings. Next he will be installing our new vinyl plank flooring (necessitated by a recent water heater leak ). And I just ordered some stainless 3×6 peel & stick tiles to cover the 80s wallpaper in the kitchen. Good luck on your polish job! We are waiting until next fall or Sprint 2016 to tackle that job!

    • aunt am says:

      Sounds exciting! I bet those stainless tiles will look great in the kitchen. Are you spraying or rolling the paint? I rolled mine and that end cap sure required a tiny roller (and supplemental paint brush)…all those curves. Do you have a blog or instagram feed where you post pics of your progress? Have fun with your projects!

      • Robin M. says:

        Hubby started with the roller and then switched to spraying. Since the couch is out for re-upolstering and the floor is bare, it’s worked out great so far. We are using Rustoleum spray paints – primer and then Satin. No blog or instagram yet. I was going to wait until we go full-time, but maybe I should start an Instagram feed to document our progress.

        • aunt am says:

          Definitely and advantage for spraying with the floor bare. I’m not very good with spraying…I tend to get more on myself than what I’m spraying. Lol! Oh yes you should go ahead and start an Instagram feed. It’s fun for everyone to join the journey from the beginning…paint cans and all! 🙂

  • Bill D. says:

    Happy spring! Just discovered your blog and love it!

    My project for the spring is to develop and add to my new blog, History Safari Expresso. We look forward to taking our Airstream Safari and corgis up to the mountains in April and to the bluffs at South Carlsbad State Beach, California, in May.

    • aunt am says:

      Hello, welcome & thanks! I just checked out your blog too. Beautiful photos! I look forward to following your journey this spring. 🙂

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