Success postponed…

Done, and done! Do you ever start a project, but then despite your best intentions you aren’t able to finish it? This painting was once one of those projects. I started it several years ago after finishing my first acrylic painting successfully. I looked through my photos and found one of the trolley in downtown Little Rock. I was inspired. Then…I started painting…it did not go well. My first painting used very neutral colors, which I worked with easily. Add in all these colors, and I couldn’t get anything to look right. The perspective was off. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. Therefore, this canvas went into the closet. Did this mean the scene wasn’t a good choice to paint? No. It was simply beyond my abilities at the time. A couple of classes and whole lot of practice later, I decided to give it another go. At last success! I am happy to say I am finally satisfied with the result. At least it is much better than it started out.

Sometimes we have ideas that don’t work out at the moment, or we have goals that we cannot seem to reach. Does this mean we should give up and never try again? Not necessarily. Perhaps we simply need to set the idea aside or move the goal further to the future while we work on the steps that we need to take first. Take a class. Save a little extra money. Gain additional skills and experience. Do some more research. Add these missing steps, then try again. Perhaps the extra patience and planning will now lead to success.

Taking a step back to re-focus or re-adjust does not equal failure. Don’t be discouraged if you face set backs in your creative efforts or your life. Remember we all do from time to time. Just keep learning and moving forward even if you have to navigate a few turns or climb a few hills along the way. How interesting would the road be if it was perfectly straight and flat anyway?


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