Texas Coast Sunset & a New Light for the TinCan

By September 26, 2016Airstream, Interior, Outdoors, Repairs

Afternoon thunderstorms yield such lovely evenings with breathtaking sunsets along the Texas coast. This is the kind of view I have where the TinCan is currently parked. Can you see how hard of decision I am facing? Anyway, I thought I’d share a lighter post than my previous one as I lost a couple of followers after voicing my concerns over what a simple life means at this point in my life. I just want to assure you my dear followers…that regardless of what I decide this blog will follow the journey. My goal is to keep living simple and focusing on what matters in life. Besides…the TinCan isn’t gone yet. In fact, if you scroll down you can see the great new led light I installed over the weekend. Cloudy days are also good for turning the electric off long enough to replace a light.

The original light fixture cover finally crumbled into little pieces. I opted to replace the entire fixture with a new light I found on Amazon. So far I am really happy with this new led light*. It is super flat to the ceiling and almost gives the look of recessed lighting. It was an easy install and came with everything I needed. It is very bright and features a switch on the light, bright clean white light, a calming blue light and a strobe light. It fits perfectly in the space where the original light was. Quick tip: on an older airstream like mine the black wire is the hot wire and white is the neutral. New wires on the light are red for the hot wire and black for the neutral wire. At least this is the conclusion I came to after reading Airforums.com. I am definitely not an electrician but the following configuration worked: black (light) to white (ceiling wires), and red (light) to black (ceiling wires).

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