Three and a half months in a tin can…

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I cannot believe it has been around three and a half months since I moved into the tin-can. (Poor thing I still haven’t named her properly!) The other day a friend asked how I was adjusting to the change and if I had any regrets. That’s when I realized that I don’t-not a one. I guess I did tell him that I only regret not owning a truck and having finances to let me hit the road. Hahaha! As for the decision to adopt this lifestyle and live full-time in a tin-can, I have not a single regret. Okay…So maybe there is one-I wish I had done it sooner.

As you may recall, the actual move-in was terribly stressful and a little overwhelming. However, after recovering from the exhaustion and stress I’ve been very happy with the decision. Actually, I cannot remember living in any house or apartment that I liked more.  Maybe I felt the same way when I moved into previous dwellings, but I honestly don’t recall it if I did. Something about this place speaks to me and feels very much like home. I am still analyzing exactly why that is, and I will be sure to share it when I figure it out.

The tin-can and I are weathering a rather harsh winter by Arkansas standards without too many issues. (So far-I guess winter isn’t over yet.) I have been cozy and comfortable. In fact, the furnace can almost blast me out at times. It works that well. I will give a quick shout-out of thanks to all of my fellow Airstreamers on Air Forums for their great tips and advice on how to prepare for wintering in a tin-can. I would have never been so prepared and comfortable without following the advice I found on the forums. I highly recommend registering and jumping into the discussions on the forums to anyone who lives in, owns or even considers owning an Airstream. You will find a wealth of knowledge and practical information.

There are moments when I cannot wait for spring to come so I can move forward with a few more projects around here. (fixing a few leaks from the roof priority #1) I’ve learned to tell myself that it will all get done in due time. I’ve quit stressing out over having the money for the projects I want to do. Instead, I’m focusing on saving and reminding myself that the world won’t end if everything isn’t done tomorrow. I am living in a pleasant and quiet campground, and I pull up to a place I simply love every time I return home. (She’s the best looking trailer in the park-at least most of the time. ;)) My grandma was right…this is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

My advice: If you are sitting there thinking about downsizing and simplifying but worried about all the what-ifs, just go for it. What if it turns out to be one of the best decisions you ever make too? Do your planning and research of course, but don’t hold back out of fear of the unknown. I did that for far too long in my life.

Btw: my success with this leap has led to another…more about that later. (If you’ve visited the new page at the top of my site, you know what I’m referring to)



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