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Kitchen updates counter

As promised here is the current look of the TinCan’s Kitchen. The kitchen updates include some changes to the coffee & tea station, a new cover/workspace over the stove, and the non-functioning overhead vent hood removal. (The vent hood removal is still a work in progress. Be warned there will be unfinishedness in a couple of the photos to follow. Such is the reality of life. Haha.)

First, I must share a photo of my newly organized storage shelf. This step allowed the re-organizing of the coffee station. These bags from Woollybean.com are truly addictive. I feel like I should use them to organize everything in the TinCan. You seriously should check out her website if you need a project bag or just something to drool over.

Front Shelving

Coffee Station:

With the re-arranged storage using these bags, I was able to shift some things around creating a less cluttered coffee and tea station on top of the fridge.

Kitchen Updates Coffee Station

Stove Cover/Counter Space:

Now for the favorite update. I came up with a plan for a new counter space/stove cover. I really want to rip out all of the cabinets on this side of the airstream and install new ones and a single bowl sink. However, that would not be simple, and the current ones work just fine. Therefore, this is my temporary solution to get closer to the look and function I want. The whole thing only cost me about $32 with wood from Lowe’s. (I already had some flex seal that I used for gluing on the underneath support boards or that would have been an additional expense.) I’m thrilled with how this quick project turned out. What do you think?

Kitchen updates counterKitchen updates counter

Vent-a-hood Removal:

Finally, the vent-a-hood quit working about a year ago. Over the winter condensation would accumulate in it. Thus, the whole thing started to rust and at times get moldy. I had my brother-in-law come give it a look. We decided that since it wasn’t working and not really worth fixing it should come out. Of course, this was not as easy as it sounds. That thing was firmly in place. Thankfully not as firmly in place as those upper cabinets. I’m not sure how we didn’t rip the whole thing off the wall, but as you can see there is only a hole where the fan unit was. Flex tape is doing a fine temporary job at sealing up the remaining vent hole in the wall. Now to figure out what to do with the other hole. Haha!

Vent-a-hood removal

Vent-a-hood removal

Overall, I am happy with the results on these projects. Let me know what you think in the comments. What projects do you have in the works?


  • Tapeleg says:

    The thing I love is the ipad stand. That is a brilliant use of that stand.

  • lwc says:

    We had the same issue in our 64 airstream. We had this heavy-duty metal tv tray/table in the trailer that we were not using and by some miracle the tray fit perfectly over the hole. This prevents the frosty moisture from falling onto the stove and rusting out the burner pans in the winter. (we did not remove fan unit). I do not have picture because it is up at the lake, but it worked beautifully as it is enameled steel gray, and we can now stick magnetic lights to it to see at night.. (no electricity for us)

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