TinCan project update list…Do you have a list for your Airstream?

By February 5, 2015 September 6th, 2017 Airstream, Full-timing, polishing/exterior, Repairs

Spring will be coming before I know it, and I’ve recently been inspired to get back into the groove of working on the TinCan. I must thank some great Instagram feeds from @hofarc, @airstreamrenovator (also with hofarc), & @rumblestripramblings for inspiring me to get back into renovate and improve mode. If you don’t already follow these guys, be sure to check them out. Finances and life had set some of my planned improvements on hold and left me lacking in motivation. The great photos of the mentioned feeds have rekindled my desire. Therefore I have compiled a list of planned updates for the TinCan. I’m not pressuring myself with a timeframe, but as the funds and time are available the following will gradually be accomplished in no particular order:

1. The TinCan keeps me safe and comfortable so she deserves to shine. The polishing job will be undertaken with more diligence. I will be trying a couple of different tips I’ve researched, so stay tuned over the coming months for results.

crappy discovery-5

This shine needs to spread!

2. Coating the roof with Dicor Metal RV Roof Coating. I had planned to polish the roof, but this might be a better option.

3. Need to install legs on the front sofa. This one will make more sense when I post about the sofa project in the next couple of weeks.

4. Place flea collars inside heater and water heater covers to repel wasps. (I read that it works. I will let you know how if it does.)

5. Replace both roof fans with new Fantastic Fans complete with rain sensors.

6. Finish the paint job on the fridge.

7. Replace the bathroom light with the tricky switch and heat-producing bulbs.

8. Por 15 and top coat the front tongue and door step.

9. Replace the converter.

Longer term possibilities: add solar panels, inverter, further frame inspection/repair, and anything more I come up with.

Do you have a list of projects for your Airstream, or other home? Spring always seems a great time for projects, and I am looking forward to sharing the posts of the above in action or even better…completed.



  • victor snover says:

    prime and paint walls; new back splash behind sink/stove; install composting toilet; new curtains (using your advice on how you did yours); probably a few more I am going to uncover while doing these… oh, do the bathroom wall similar to yours too!

    • aunt am says:

      Fun! I can’t wait to see the pics of your progress, and I am happy to have been able to provide a little project inspiration.
      Speaking from experience…yes you will uncover more, but it’s a fun journey. 😉 Congrats for embarking on yours.

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