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It’s been a while…TinCan and I are still here!

By January 1, 2017 Airstream, Down-sizing, Simplifying

Can you believe that it is now a new year? I cannot believe it is, or that it was September the last time I posted anything here. What a crazy few months!

We spent over two months helping my mom and step-dad downsize from a two-story house they lived in for 23+ years to a two bedroom condo. It was long and exhausting job for all of us, but I am happy I now live close enough to help everyone through it. The move was very much needed. Their new condo will be much easier for them to care for. It is a lovely place, and their things look like they bought them specifically for the new place. I hope they will both be happy there, and that simplifying will be beneficial to them in as many ways as it has for me.

All of the questions about whether to keep the TinCan, were put on indefinite hold. I simply could not make a decision or even think about it with so much else going on. Therefore, we’re still here. I moved the TinCan over to a cheaper spot located by a pond here in the same park. It is a very nice spot although I do miss the quiet and privacy of the original space.

After dealing with such a massive downsizing project at mom’s, I am reminded of all the reasons I love this old TinCan. Moving is so simple and the small space limits the amount of stuff that one can accumulate. Even if I ever decide to let this TinCan go, I hope I can always remember the lessons I have learned from it and keep my space simple.

The move here has been a set back to my goals in more ways than one. Honestly, it has been a tough six months. I do believe this is where I need to be, and I truly enjoy living here. I have figured out that palm trees, water, and a nearby beach are quite my cup of tea. (Not to mention having no need for insulating  my water hose for winter.) However, it has been difficult at times to keep a positive attitude about everything when it feels like I have taken several steps backwards from reaching my goals.

Fortunately, I was able to take vacation this past week (or at least I was able to be mostly off of work) to recover a bit. I think I may need more than a week to really recover, but it has been a nice break. I have taken advantage of the time to rest, refocus, and work on some creative projects that I have been dying to get at. Does anyone else grow anxious and cranky when you have no time for any creative outlet? I also easily lose track of my budget when I’m overstressed and exhausted. Does anyone else do this? It is time to get back on track with all of the above!

I have one more day off after today, then it’s back to the office. Keep an eye on my Etsy shop as I am working to add inventory over there. I will try to avoid being a stranger here as well. Thank you to all my followers and to those of you who have been supporting my affiliate links despite my absenteeism.

Going to wrap up here with a few photos from this past year. Enjoy!


  • If you decide to sell, let me know! I will be in the market for one in a few months and I live in the Seabrook area. I believe (from what you have said on here and pictures) you are in the Galveston/Clear Lake area??

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