Tinted Windows…What a Difference!

Tinted Windows

The TinCan finally has tinted windows! Why did I put this off so long? The results are amazing! The minute the tint was up on each window you could feel a drastic decline in the amount of heat coming through. I am actually able to sit here this morning writing this post with the curtains open and still be comfortable despite the sun shining and the temperature outside rising. With the new A/C is installed it may actually even be comfortable in here during the heat coming this summer. I am pretty certain it is around 10 degrees cooler in here than it would have been prior to the tint, and the old A/C unit is not even on its coldest setting.

Now for which tint I decided on:

I couldn’t bring myself to totally commit to the tint. Which color? Which kind? There are a lot of options out there. Finally I decided I needed to stop researching and just get busy. Therefore, I finally settled on the Gila Titanium Heat Control Static Cling. (I don’t recommend buying through the link…as the price is cheaper at your local Home Depot.) No long-term commitment is involved with the static cling type, therefore I thought it a good way to test the waters.

Honestly, I am scared to do permanent adhesive tinting. What if I hate it? I am stuck with it! I was also hesitant to go with the reflective tint, but from all of my research it works best at blocking the heat. Let me tell you: it does what it says it will, and it looks pretty good in the process. As another plus it adds some daytime privacy.

Tips for installation:

First off, I did not buy the installation kit from Gila. I used the following alternative tools: a spray bottle with a small amount of liquid soap added to water,  a credit card and blue shop towels. It worked great. Also, be sure to have a good sharp tipped blade to trim the edges to fit once the tint is in place. I found a great little tool set that helped with the removal of the interior window lift handles as they are attached with funny little screws.window tint

Overall, the instructions that come with the tint are pretty good. Cut the tint to roughly the dimensions of the window plus about an inch. Soak the window with the water/soap mixture. I did learn that more water, rather than less, on the glass makes the whole process much easier. Place the tint on the window. At this point it doesn’t need to be perfect, just in place well enough to let you trim the edges to fit.window tint

As you trim, leave a slight gap at the edge or the tint will not want to seal at the edges very well. The next tip I figured out the hard way: I had to install the tint backward to the way the instructions dictated. The side they said should be against the glass simply would not  stick. (This seems to be a common problem from reading the product reviews on Home Depot.) I was about to give up when I decided to try flipping it over. Tada! I was afreaid  it would not reflect the heat away as well, but it looks fine and works perfectly.

Once the tint is trimmed to fit, wrap a credit card with a soft cloth or paper towel. Starting in the center work all of the bubbles out to the edges. I also found that I could come back after a few hours and go over it a second time if needed. As the water evaportates from between the tint and the glass the view out will look clearer.

Here are a few more photos:Window tint

Right vista view tinted.

Vista Views Tinted…The new tint looks so much better than the Reflectix. The Reflectix which can still be installed if needed in the hottest part of summer. At least it is not as visible from the outside with the tinted windows.In way of full disclosure…I have not taken the screens off before now. Needless to say, these windows were nasty. I am so very embarrassed. I cleaned the windows back when I changed out the seals, but oh was that too long ago.

window tintMuch better after cleaning…

Final Results:

I can now keep the blinds up to enjoy the view without the temperature in the bathroom rising dramatically. Tinted windows are great. Why did I put this off so long?

Tinted windows

More privacy also is a bonus.
tinted windowsTwo more windows left to finish.tinted windowsOverall I’m very happy with how this project turned out. I will update again when I can report on the interior temperatures moving into the hotter months. I’m expecting pretty good results after what I have seen so far.tinted windowsI’m thinking the tinted windows look pretty good!

I didn’t give full details on the tinting process, but feel free to ask questions if you want more information. Hopefully this information will help any of you debating on whether or not to tint your windows. My only regret? I only wish I had done this sooner.

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