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Two years in the TinCan!!!

By October 14, 2015 Airstream, Full-timing, Simplifying

I was sitting here checking Instagram for some artistic inspiration when it hit me: It has been two years! I can hardly believe two years have now gone by since I moved into the TinCan! Two more payments and she is mine all mine! I cannot tell you how good that feels. It reminds me of one of the reasons I started this whole adventure in the first place: I wanted to have a place that was mine for all the money I was paying out for rent. I honestly did not want to buy a house even if I could have. I simply did not want to commit to being in one place for that long. Therefore, the TinCan seemed a practical and somewhat cool option. Back then I had no idea how much I would actually love this adventure and how cool living in the TinCan would actually be.

This has been as much a home as any place I have lived and even more so than many of my previous dwellings. If you have been following me and the TinCan over the course of our journey, you already know that I have learned so much from this adventure. I continue to learn from it. I am learning to relax over projects that I cannot get to as quickly as I would like. Life is so much easier when I take things one day at a time. Most things can be fixed, and there isn’t a need to panic over imagined issues. I have had to remind myself that any home would need maintenance and repairs from time to time. A brick and mortar home can have things break and newer RV’s can as well. Projects will be never-ending, but admittedly that is also part of my personality. I am afraid I would create projects even if they weren’t needed. Haha.

I think Ellie wasn’t thrilled that I left her out of the previous photo. So here she is…

Another reminder needed along the way was that I was reaching a big step toward my goals. I will admit that there have been moments over the past couple of years when I did the math and debated if I really was saving any money doing this. Adding the TinCan payment and lot rent together the amount was enough to rent a small apartment. Even one in the kind of neighborhood I would enjoy, and where I could let someone else do the maintenance. Here is the part I forgot in those moments: in two months my monthly payments will drop to half of the current amount as I will only be paying lot rent. Rent in an apartment would more than likely continue to rise instead of dropping. Also, if I had been renting an apartment the past two years, that money would simply be gone. Poof! Vanished! Instead, half of it is sitting in a tangible asset held in my name. It will be mine and I can keep living with lower rent to save money for travel! Should the desire ever strike, I also have the option to sell and recoup my money. It is pleasant for once to have some options ahead of me. The fact that I love living in this old TinCan makes what some may feel is a sacrifice seem like a bonus instead. I haven’t felt like I was truly sacrificing something by not living in a conventional apartment or house. (Okay…maybe just the lack of a true shower and a laundry, but nothing major.). I have simply chosen a different kind of home for me and Ellie the TinCan cat, and we both love it. Two years and counting!



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