Update on Dad from last weekend…

By June 5, 2010 February 20th, 2015 Family, Fronto-temporal Dementia
I’m sorry to be a little slow getting this post up. I’ve been recovering from the big move. Everything went well. I forgot to get any great pictures of all the boxes and stuff, but rest assured everything has been transferred to its new location with minimal breakage. 🙂 A shout out to everyone who helped. Thanks once again. We found Dad in good condition. He didn’t recognize us at first, but once he knew who we were he was excited to see us, especially Sally. He kept giving her kisses and saying, “I’m so happy to see you, wife!” Completely adorable. We spent the day with him. Ate lunch there, worked a puzzle, and then took him out for mexican food. It is going to take some time for everybody to adjust to the new circumstances, but it seems that it will work out well. Seems strange without them here, for the meetings and service especially.

Here are some updated pics of Dad’s room and of our trip down. My nephew got to ride in the big moving truck. He thought it was super cool.

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