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By January 18, 2012 August 18th, 2013 Family, Fronto-temporal Dementia

I realize that it has been a while since I wrote an update on how Dad is doing. I did go for a weekend visit back in December and here are some photos from that visit. Dad had been extremely sick for a couple of weeks before my visit. His initial visits to the emergency room were for high blood pressure and blood sugar. However, a week later he was back in the ER with similar symptoms. During this visit they determined he had a urinary infection. Thereafter, he spent a week in the hospital on two different antibiotics. It took several days for him to return to his content and cheerful self, but he is now back to his usual routine.

Although at this point he is on a pureed food diet and thickened water for drinking, he is quite content. He doesn’t visually recognize us when we visit, but once we tell him who we are he does understand. Every now and then he will still comment that he would like to come back up and stay in that place where we are. I guess he really enjoyed living in Little Rock. He still enjoys working puzzles and going for his daily walks. In fact, I think he is probably the most content person I know. He knows his wife when she visits and still tells her she is his girl. She is a true blessing to him and all of us with the loyalty and love she shows for him.

One of the facets of this illness that continues to amaze us all is Dad’s remaining ability to read. He can read the words when they are placed in front of him even though he cannot explain or perhaps understand what they say. How can a mind that no longer recognizes familiar faces or remember facts and details about its own life still recognize that letters placed together create words? How can a mind read words that it would not know to use in speech or recognize when heard? Truly our brains reflect the work of an awe-inspiring Creator. Man has only learned a fraction of the detail about how this incredible creation functions. I am trying to upload a video I took of Dad reading from the Bible, but it is rather large. If it ever finishes uploading, I will post it so you can hear him read. I’m sure you will be as amazed and fascinated as we are.

 Puzzle Time!

 Walking the rounds… laps 1 to 10.
He counts each lap repeating the number of the lap he is own as he steps on each crack in the sidewalk. I guess he doesn’t remember the old saying about stepping on a crack. 🙂
Reading from the Bible.

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