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Today’s post is a little different. I completed several projects on the TinCan over the past year. Some very recent, some not so recent. I thought you might like an update regarding how happy (or unhappy) I have been with the results. Would I still say the project was worth it? For all of the projects below, the answer is yes. Read on for the details…

Closet Update

The first 3 shelves worked so well…I decided to add two more. They really couldn’t be easier to install, and for the first time since moving in to the TinCan, I have a decently organized closet space. I’m working on sorting through the clothes to thin out the collection I have accumulated. Then, everything will fit even better. However, I am sufficiently happy with the results of this project even now. I’m not sure how well the shelves will stay in place traveling down the road, but while I am here stationary they are working very well. The entire project cost around $100. It is money well spent if you ask me.

With the closet organized, I finally got the rest of the house somewhat organized as well. It hasn’t looked this good in a long time. You were wondering why I hadn’t shared any interior photos in a while? Now you have the answer. This place has looked like a wreck. Haha! No seriously…it was bad. All is better now. Words fail me in describing how good it felt to come home this afternoon to a house that looked like this:


Oh so much better!

Composting Toilet Update
I thought you might also be wondering how I like the fancy composting toilet I installed last December. Answer is: It works perfectly. I couldn’t be more pleased with the decision to go with a composting toilet for the TinCan. It works so well, that I wonder why composting toilets are not more popular. Why don’t they come as an option on every RV? There is no smell from the solids compartment. (Yes. I have even discovered this is true after a bout of stomach virus.) Normal use, vomit or other…no problem. The Natures Head toilet handles it all with ease. (Sorry if this is too much information.) The only odors I have ever noticed came from the liquids container when it is being emptied. However, a cup of vinegar added to the container after each empty easily solves this issue. Even without the vinegar the odor in no way compares to the awful smells that at times wafted up from the conventional black tank and sewer hook-up. Maintenance and use are simple. The composting toilet is still a complete winner in my book!

Reflectix Cupboard Installation Update

Perhaps you are also wondering how the Reflectix installation in my kitchen cupboards worked out. Again, this was a success. I didn’t perform any scientific tests with a temperature gauge. I probably should have. However, the kitchen cupboards stayed much cooler throughout the summer. My coconut oil could even stay in a solid or at least semi-solid state with the cabinet doors closed. Drastic improvement indeed.

2015-04-15 17.29.54

Fantastic Fan Update

Fantastic Fan is also a win! I still need to install the second one, but even with only one installed I am able to now leave the A/C off on these lovely fall days. The sun would usually heat up the TinCan to higher than desired temperatures, but with the back vent open and the Fantastic Fan set to pull air out, the temperature remains quite comfortable throughout the day. I should be able to use this method for cooling on even warmer days when both fans are installed.

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