Projects, projects, projects…vintage Airstreams always equal projects

Airstream sofa

I’ve finally started working on some projects that have been on the TinCan todo list for far too long. Some are small. Others are much bigger. Some are temporary solutions while saving up and paying off some things to be able to afford the long term project goal.

First up I did a small amount of caulking. More external cleaning, sealing and polish touch up to come over the next month. I obviously need to complete the trim painting second coat too…always another project! Ayayayay!Airstream


I also finally took the saw to the underframe for the back sofa. I’ve been wanting to open up the storage here making it more easily accessible. Project isn’t finished. Still need to sand and finish the cut edges of the openings, but I like the effect with it open. It allowed me to rearrange my front shelves too. Loving the look so far.

Airstream sofaAirstream sofaAirstream sofaAirstream sofa

The sink sprayer nozzle has leaked a slow drip for ages. It made the right hand sink moldy and the hose to the sprayer was disgusting. I had a “bright” idea on a whim to cut the hose and cap it with the same pex caps I used for my other water lines. Guess I should mention…wrong kind of hose for those to work. Now I had a sink hose with no closure. What to do?

I attempted to seal the cap to the hose with some flex shot.* Again…fail.

However, I noted that the flex shot adhered strongly to the hose just not to the cap. Next I thought I’d try a good shot squirt of flex shot into the hose and then a seal around the tip. It worked! Still holding a week later. Of course, this a temporary solution, but I’m impressed with how well it is working. Note to self: clean the sink surround before taking photos. Don’t judge me…

Airstream sink sprayer hose

Also, ordered a replacement overhead light and bulbs for the wall lights. I bought some LEDs on Amazon as replacement bulbs. They were cheap and had good reviews, but they still seem to put off more heat than I’d like. Although it is far less heat than the old bulbs produced. Airstream light

So many more projects to go. At least I started moving forward with them. As time and money is available I will continue to work down the list of tasks.


*affiliate link…must disclose this. However, I only share links to items I personally use and recommend.

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