Where have I been all summer?

Where have I been? Have you wondered if I fell off of the planet or was hiding under the TinCan? Where did this summer go? In fact, where has this year gone? Do you feel that way too? I hate that it has been so long since I have posted anything here. I had really great intentions on multiple occasions over the past month or so to sit down and write. I even had quite a few great ideas for post topics. (okay maybe they weren’t that great, but hey…they were ideas.) However, good intentions do not make good posts. Writing them does, but in this case, the writing never happened. Life sort of overwhelmed me there for a bit. The good news is: I think I’m back now.

I realize that it is a matter of needing to simplify my schedule and adjust for things that are important to me. I may have simplified my living space by moving into the TinCan, but I still haven’t reached the goal of simplifying my work situation to the point I dream of. Therefore, as of September I will be dropping a day from my secular work schedule to better accommodate the parts of my life I find most important. Thankfully, I have a terrific employer who understands what I am working toward, and who is willing to accommodate a reduction in my work hours. I admit I am a little nervous, but this is what is necessary to move forward in simplifying my life and reaching future goals. On the surface it looks like a small step, but it feels like a big one.

I didn’t get to accomplish everything I wanted over the summer, and a lot of projects have been put on hold waiting for better temperatures and my new schedule. However, I did get to accomplish a few things and manage to have some fun too. Here’s a glimpse at a few of the last months’ events:

I haven’t killed my plants!

Attended the best concert ever and with my nephew at that!

Went on a family vacation with the whole gang.

Finally bought a kayak!!! (I love Craigslist)

& a new camera! (I love e-Bay)

Finished painting the chalkboard finish on my fridge!

Got bit by mosquitos!

Spent a minute at the beach!

I got to see my Dad…

& harvested some peppers!

 More on the above to come. What have you been up to this summer? I hope you’ve been able to slow a bit at least for a minute to enjoy at least a little of it before it passes us by.

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