Amber Woodrum - Fine Artist

I’ve decided it is time this site had an About Me page. Why now and not sooner? I think it’s like that awful job interview phrase: “So tell me about yourself.” Where does one start? What about me would anyone be interested in? I think maybe it has taken me the five years I have been writing this blog to figure that out. This is not just a question of what about me would interest anyone else. It is really a question of what about me, interests me. Hahaha. This blog has been as much about figuring that out as anything, and I must say I’m starting to be pretty happy with the results.

I started writing this blog eight years ago for fun as a personal journal and to practice my site building and managing skills. Then I started using it to update family and friends on the progression of my father’s illness, fronto-temporal dementia. After a while I started hearing from friends if I went too long between posts. How are you? How’s your dad? Why haven’t you written anything? That’s when I realized people were actually reading this stuff. Really? Talk about a pretty good motivation to keep writing.

A lot of things have changed since the early days of this blog. I’ve learned to focus my priorities much better (in life and in writing). I let go of a house full of stuff as I downsized from nearly 1000 square feet to 375 feet. As my writing focused on these adjustments my readers increased. Who knew simplifying could be so interesting?

Over five years ago I made a life changing purchase. We made that long drive to Ohio and returned with my 1970 Airstream International Sovereign which I loving refer to as the TinCan (The poor thing still hasn’t received a proper name.) I spent a few months working on her and making her mine. Then I downsized yet again by moving into her full-time in October 2013. It has been a terrific journey. As I started writing about the TinCan here and sharing our experiences together, I noticed a new influx of readers. You guys found what I was writing about interesting, and you came back for more. I am still amazed and humbled at that every day.

I surprises me how much of a motivational force writing this blog is. If I’m not learning something or working on a project to share, then things will get really boring around here for you guys and for me. I mean you can only read about my trips to the grocery store or laundromat so many times without jumping ship, right? So don’t worry, this journey is still a work in progress and I hope you stay along for the ride. I’ve still got a lot of projects left for this old TinCan and myself; so stick around and see what I can get myself into next.

Thank you all for following along on my journey.

Remember to “laugh often”, and when life gets rough remind yourself that “This too shall pass.”