Life can be crazy and hectic, and we can find ourselves caught up with running through the paces without even noticing as our lives pass us by. Only by conscious decision can we stop and take note of the simple things, and these are the things that truly matter. When I pick up a paint brush or look through the lens of my camera I feel a sense of calm as I capture a moment and hold it in front of me.

So much of what I see around me inspires me. Nature, architecture, my Airstream home…all of it inspires me. I love attempting to capture the details in the scenes around me whether with my camera, my pencil or my paintbrush. As I find myself lost in the process of creating the vision in my head, the worries and cares of everyday life float effortlessly to the background. It is my sincere hope that my works help capture that same sense of the moment and enjoyment of the simple things that inspires me and constantly intrigues me.

The majority of my paintings are inspired by my photographs. I most often work in artist/professional grade acrylics on canvas, but I also enjoy pencil sketching, charcoals, watercolors, and digital artwork. I offer my work for sale through several venues. My favorite is through art/craft fairs. I truly enjoy the one on one contact with my customers at these events. Can’t make it to a show? My work is also available on Etsy and Fine Art America. (See the shop previews for these sites below.) In addition to these venues I am also a contributor to several leading stock photo sites.

What’s Going on in the Studio:

Ink and Watercolor Sketches