I finally got around to putting Reflectix* in the back of my kitchen cabinets. I’ve been planning to do this for a while, but somehow never got around to actually doing it. (Please tell me other people have projects like that around their homes too.) Our temps have been rising steadily and have been in the mid to upper 80’s this week. When the sun beats down on the TinCan it can get quite warm inside. Even with the A/C left on low the sun can warm up the pantry space from the exterior if the cabinet doors are closed. Since the cabinets tend to get very warm inside during the summer, so I thought I would see if this would help. So far, so good. I noticed yesterday that even though the cabinet doors had been closed all day, a sunny day in the 80’s, the pantry felt much cooler than in the pre-insulation days. The coconut oil was in a soft, solid state…not liquid…a very good sign this is working.

2015-04-15 17.29.35I simply stapled the Reflectix* at the top and the bottom. I let the cabinet dividers hold it in place down the wall behind.
2015-04-15 17.30.04I had to take almost everything out of the cabinets to install the insulation. Therefore, it seemed only practical to reorganize and clear out unused items. Yes…I should probably clear out some more, but I do use the things you see here.
2015-04-15 17.30.12Forgive the crooked angle of this shot. It’s tricky to get the entire thing in the frame in this small space. If you recall, a few weeks ago I mentioned trying to follow the Real Food eating plan. One unexpected benefit of this has been a simplified pantry and refrigerator. I have less food in the pantry, yet I cook and eat at home more. Does this even make sense? The meals I cook are simple and use more fresh/simple ingredients. There is no junk cluttering up the pantry. It’s fantastic!
2015-04-15 17.30.54This isn’t technically part of the pantry, but this is where I store spices, random little things and medications. I bought this organizer years ago at Ikea, and it happened to work well for storage in the TinCan.

If you have been wondering where I’ve been the last few weeks, I’ve been working behind the scenes on my online portfolio and art site. Stay tuned for more details. I would also like to say a big THANK YOU to those of you who have so kindly supported my site and journey by shopping via the affiliate links and donations. Your support means more than you know!


  • James says:

    I never thought that the cabinets would get hot in the sunny weather. Kind of a “duh” moment. Glad you got it figured out. I wonder if that kind of stuff with lower your overall temperature in the Tin Can during the summer months?

    • aunt am says:

      I never thought about it either until last summer. Haha! If it does a great job in the pantry, I may add it to the other closets. So far it seems to be working well. I’m also planning to coat the roof white and install new fans. All should help with the heat in the summer.

  • Michael V says:

    Great idea and easy to do! When I take an AS apart I use Reflextic to insulate, it makes a huge difference. Nice pantry but how in the world does all that stay in place when you’re going down the road?

    • aunt am says:

      Hi Michael. Thanks and great question. I take some of the breakable stuff out and place it in on the floor in my laundry basket with some towels. So far the only thing that’s fallen to its demise was a box of pasta.I don’t get to go down the road very often just yet though. If/when I get to move on a more regular basis I will tweak the storage a bit.

  • Meg says:

    What a smart tip! I will definitely incorporate this into our kitchen. I love the spice wrack/holder. So cool!

    • aunt am says:

      Thanks Meg! It does seem to be helping. I love the spice holder too. I’m glad I was able to find space for it in here. 🙂

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