I fully subscribe to the belief that less is more. The conventional idea of what a person needs to be happy seems an elusive idea. I want a life full of experiences and memories instead of a bunch of stuff. So on this page you will find links related to simplifying and living small that I have found informative and/or entertaining. Enjoy!

On The Green Road- This is a great blog that started with a focus on living smaller and sustainably. The authors started out with an eco-Airstream and are now in the process of renovation a small house. An interesting read with plenty of tips for simplifying and going green. 

Tiny House Listings- Site featuring tiny house listing for sale or rent. If you like this one, you must check out their other site which is next on my list.

Tiny House Swoon- A Gallery of “Daily Tiny House Eye Candy” as described by the site’s creator. I follow this one by e-mail and love seeing the new posts in my inbox. Be sure to sign up for their new swoons via e-mail. 

A Small Life – Another blogger who lives full-time in an Airstream with her husband. In her words they chosen to live small so they can live the life of their dreams. This one is on both of my lists, Airstream and living small, since she writes about both.

And Then We Saved- A blog featuring great tips for saving money and living debt free. Features are the debt free fast, the debt free diet, and the debt free pledge. A great place for support on getting out of debt and simplifying. The tagline is “Saving Where We Can, So We Can Spend Where We Want.” Yes!

Rowdy Kittens- Her blog tagline reads “go small, think big & be happy”. Obviously she deserves a place on this list. There is a page of information about the tiny house she lives in as well as a blog about simplifying and photography. I recommend her book “Smalltopia: A Practical Guide to Working for Yourself”. It is available as a download for $7. Her other books sound interesting too, but I haven’t had a chance to purchase and read them yet.

Just Live Simple- A fun read about living simple-offering advice and motivation. He offers some great tips on downsizing collections. If you are book hoarder, be sure to read How to Free Yourself from Collections: Books. His about me page makes me smile. James has started a new site showcasing his photography called Map & Compass. He has also released a new book available on amazon titled after his blog Just Live Simple. The book is a good read & even help motivate me to get back to work on this blog and a couple of other projects. 

Livin’ Lightly- A family of three who downsized and live full-time in an Airstream Land Yacht. The site has some great information on off-grid capability upgrades and some honest insight on how to budget and make a simple, intentional life a reality.

Life Edited – This one is a little different in that products and housing they share are not always affordable for those of us with smaller bank accounts. However, I enjoy exploring the styles, ideas and concepts they share. It is interesting to see the ideas for small space living. 

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